Virginia Aquarium & Owl Creek Masterplan

aerial photo of aquarium area

Right Now

The master plan  was adopted by the City Council in December 2011 as a reference document to the City’s Comprehensive Plan.​


A vision for a master plan, similar to those drafted for the City’s Strategic Growth Areas,  was formulated into a project endorsed by City Council. The plan is for the 1200-acre area surrounding the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center and Owls Creek at its heart,  bound by Birdneck Road, Norfolk Avenue, Pacific Avenue and General Booth Blvd.  

The vision will:

  • encourage preservation of existing neighborhoods
  • build on existing and planned recreational amenities
  • target strategic development for the area to serve as a southern anchor
    for the Resort Area

In partnership with the Virginia Aquarium Foundation and the City Department of Parks & Recreation, EDSA, a professional planning firm, developed a comprehensive master planning team. The team led more than 830 residents and other stakeholders in identifying development opportunities for recreation, education, retail, tourism and culture. The possible areas included marine research centers, nature trails and open spaces.


Look for phased incorporation of the master plan in the coming years through private and non-profit investment and the City’s capital improvement program.​​