Rudee Inlet Projects

​​​​​​​The 2008 Resort Area Strategic Action Plan (RASAP) envisions the future of the Marina District at Rudee Inlet as a high-density mixed use private development featuring a four-star hotel, luxury condominiums, upscale dining, specialty retail, public parking, public open space, walkways and bike paths. This area is already home to several local restaurants, parking lots and an inlet marina.

Rudee Inlet Connector Walk

To encourage private development to move forward, the Rudee Inlet Connector Walk Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) project was created to connect Rudee Inlet to the Oceanfront. This was identified as a top 10 priority project in the 2008 RASAP.

The Rudee Connector Walk project includes a 10-foot wide concrete walkway constructed from Winston Salem Avenue, under the Rudee Inlet Bridge, to the 4th Street parking lot. Completed in Fall 2014, this project has improved the mobility and safety of pedestrians and cyclists by providing a lighted, direct linkage from the Marina district to the Oceanfront. The project also provides infrastructure improvement for a future water taxi launch to serve Rudee Inlet, complements the proposed bus stop improvements planned for Rudee Loop, and optimizes usage of the 4th Street parking lot.

Rudee Promenade

design plan drawing of marina districtAnother important project for the Rudee Inlet area is the Rudee Promenade.  This project envisions a broad walkway along Rudee Inlet that links a variety of businesses and residential properties to Rudee Walk and the Oceanfront Boardwalk.  The Rudee Promenade Feasibility Study​ was developed in Spring of 2015 to initiate a full evaluation of this project.  


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