For years, the city’s North End neighborhood storm water management infrastructure discharged directly onto the beach. With the exception of a 15 inch gravity line leading to six small pump stations, Atlantic Ave. had no capability for positive drainage.
This project is for design and construction of a gravity trunk line, pump station, ocean outfall and collector system along Atlantic Ave. in the North Beach area between 42nd St. and 68th St. By constructing a pump station at 61st Street, similar to the ones near the resort area and at 79th Street, storm water is more effectively managed, because it is pumped hundreds of yards away from the shore and released into the ocean.
The project construction timeline is based upon funding and benefit. The first phase provided a drainage system at 42 1/2 St. The second and third phases provided a collector system between 43rd St., 49th St., Holly Rd., Myrtle Ave. and Atlantic Ave.

Right Now

The final phase is the construction of the 61st St. pump station and ocean outfall.

Future Plan

The pump station will reduce North End neighborhood street flooding. Currently, minor storms cause flooding, and major storms render Atlantic Ave. impassable.
Temporary work platform and material trestle for ocean outfall pipeline. 61st Street Pump Station
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