19th Street Corridor Improvements CIP 9-069

​​​​The 19th Street Corridor Improvements project is listed as one of the top eight priorities  for new infrastructure in the Resort Area Strategic Action Plan (RASAP).  The Plan identifies 19th St. as the primary pedestrian-oriented street in the Central Beach District.  The project corridor is located along 19th Street between Parks Avenue and Arctic Avenue and is a main pedestrian connection between the Convention Center and the oceanfront. 

This project takes into consideration the potential for light-rail on 19th Street. All overhead utilities will be relocated into underground duct banks to provide room for potential light-rail guideways and improved aesthetics.  The interim typical section includes wide pedestrian walkways, two 12-foot travel lanes and a 24-foot landscaped median with structural soil. The median would be usable for park space and festivals.  The ultimate typical section would replace the median with light-rail.  Biofiltration, rain gardens and other sustainable aesthetically-pleasing elements will be incorporated into landscaped areas and under the sidewalk within the right-of-way to address stormwater quality and quantity requirements for the project. 

A Citizen Information Meeting was held Thursday October 10th 2013, 6:00-8:00 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. 

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