17th Street Improvements


Improvements to 17th Street (also known as Virginia Beach Boulevard) between the Oceanfront and Birdneck Road were identified in the 2008 Resort Area Strategic Action Plan. Following the establishment of the ViBe Creative District in 2015, a Connectivity Plan  was completed that further refined the vision for 17th Street through the ViBe Creative District. Capital Improvement funding was made available in FY 2016-17 for preliminary design of the corridor between Pacific and Cypress Avenues, see CIP 9.020.017 .

In 2018 a group of landowners vested in the 17th Street corridor formed an association to advocate for its rehabilitation. The Strategic Growth Area Office held a set of planning workshops with the 17th Street Gateway Association, Inc. to gain feedback and better identify issues and opportunities important to them. This document summarizes the primary discussion topics and outcomes of the workshops.

Next steps for improvements to 17th Street include:

  • Incorporation of the 17th Street planning initiative into the RASAP update.
  • Consideration of CIP proposals to rehabilitate the 17th Street corridor by City Leadership in the FY 2019-20 budget.