​If your vehicle has been towed, please call (757) 385-3111 to find out where your vehicle has been taken. The cost of a tow is $145 plus a $25 per day storage fee after the first 24 hours. 

Parking citations do not result in your vehicle being towed. On-street or public property towing is directed by the Virginia Beach Police Department for public safety purposes. The following incidents can result in a vehicle being towed:

  • Parking in a city-operated parking lot past the posted closure times
  • On-street parking as a result of an RPP violation (Residential Parking Permit)
  • Parking in front of a fire hydrant
  • Blocking access to a private driveway

Tow Times at Lots and Meters 

LocationClose Time
19th Street North2:30 AM
19th Street South2:30 AM
4th Street Lot2:30 AM
2nd Street Lot2:30 AM
Meter Spaces 14th to 29th Steet2:30 AM
Meter Spaces 1st Street to 4th Street12:00 Midnight
​Croatan Lot (Summer)8:00 PM
Croatan Lot (Winter)5:00 PM
Rudee Loop Lot
When the Rudee Loop lot operates by a pay station without an assistant, the lot closes at 8PM and towing will start after posted close time.
2:30 AM

Lot and Meter Sign Examples​

Signage at 19th Street Lots

Signage at 4th and 2nd Street Lots

Signage at Rudee Loop Lot

Signage at Croatan

Meter Signage 14th - 29th Streets

Meter Signage 1st - 4th Streets

Surface Parking Lots

Parking lot receipts will show the time that the surface lot closes at night. All surface parking lots issue this type of receipt after payment.

E​xample of a​ parking lot receipt with closing time inside the red block

Blocked Driveway 

For vehicles blocking a driveway, please call (757) 437-1157 and request a tow.

Do Not Tow Program

This program allows drivers who become too impaired to safely operate their vehicle to leave it overnight in a municipal parking lot. The driver must call 385-5600 to acquire a “Do Not Tow” sticker. A sticker will not be issued unless the driver has a ride to immediately leave the premises. Vehicles must be retrieved between 8AM and 12PM the following day or be subject to paying the entry to fee to retrieve the vehicle.

See information about the Do Not Tow program

Tow Appeals

Individuals have the right to appeal a tow. To start the process, contact the 2nd Precinct at (757) 385-2700. ​