RPP Temporary Permits can now be self-created and managed. Please follow
to help create your Temporary Permits for your guests. 
Permits are LICENSE PLATE based. 

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 Parking Permits

​​​​​​​ All permits can be purchased online via our Registration Portal. Every car must have a permit or decal registered to it to park in the Residential Parking Permit Zone after 8PM at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. If a permit or decal is not registered and you park at the Oceanfront a $70 citation may be written for the violation.
If you have lost a parking permit or it was stolen please print out the Parking Permit Replacement Request Form, fill it in, sign, and email the form to

Any questions or concerns can be emailed to

 Virginia Beach Senior Citizen Permit

Virginia Beach Senior Citizen Parking Permit

​The City of Virginia Beach will provide any Virginia Beach resident 65 or older free parking in the 4th Street municipal parking, Sandbridge municipal parking lots, and Little Island municipal parking lot after applying for the permit.
To Request a Permit                                           
1. Go to the Permit Portal and log on or create an account.
2. Select Senior Citizen Parking Permit.
3. Fill in all contact information and vehicle information.
4. Upload a copy of drivers license and vehicle registration.
5. Click checkout (there is no charge for this decal).

No physical permit will be issued. Permit is based off of license plate number.

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 Employee Parking Permit

​Businesses (Employee Parking Permits)


To participate in the Employee Parking program, Employers are required to submit a request and a valid business license for review to Once approved Employers will then provide a designated representative to approve employee permit requests. 

All employee permits must be pre-approved by the employer each month on the on-line portal. No passes can be purchased in advance. Employers can sel-create employee parking permits and have the option to make payments at their discretion.


Employees may register and purchase permits at the cost of $10 through the online portal on a monthly-to-month basis or continuously after approval from their employer. Parking permits are license plate based and are enforced by using the plate number to determine if the permit is active or expired. Parking with an expired permit may result in a $70 fine. The following instructions explain the process to request a parking permit and renewal options.

Permit Guidelines

Each employer and employee will need to review the Code of Conduct to understand appropriate permit use and regulations.  As a new pilot program for the 2021 season active employee parking permit holders are allowed to park at any municipal parking garage or municipal parking lot seven days a week. The municipal parking locations are 2nd Street, 4th Street, Rudee Loop, 19th Street, 9th Street garage, 25th Street garage, and 31st Street garage.

Requesting a Permit On-line

  1. Log on to the permit portal and create an account.
  2. Select your employer's place of business and submit request.
  3. Employer approves request.
  4. An email will be generated requesting payment.
  5. Once payment is confimred, registration is completed and you can begin parking immediately.
  6. Employees can pick up their actual permit sticker at one of the fulfillment locations during normal working hours.

Renewal Process On-line

  1. If a permit is only required for one month, an employee can simply allow the permit to expire with no further action.
  2. If an on-going permit is required, the permit system will send a payment reminder email 5 days prior to expiration.
  3. Click on the payment link in the renewal email to extend the permit and make payment. The system allows account holders to keep the credit card on file in an encrypted format to make payments quick and easy.

Request a Permit by Email 

If an employer does not participate in the on-line permit program, an employee can request information and permit assistance by sending an email to

Permit Fulfillment

Actual permit decals will be mailed to the place of employment. There will be up to a 7 day delay in receiving the decal. Note that once payment is received and your license plate is in the system, enforcement officers will recognize the permit is active and valid.

 Residential Parking Permit


The Residential Parking Permit Program (RPP) is established by City Code section 21-350 etal and restricts public parking in resort area residential streets between 8PM – 6:00AM daily. An active parking permit is required to legally park in these restricted areas during the posted restricted times. Click view the Residential Parking Permit (RPP) Areas Map for a map of the restricted parking areas. 

City Code section 21-354 (a) requires the annual issuance of residential parking permits in the resort neighborhoods. All residential and guest parking permits expire on March 31st each year.

Send questions or issues to

How the Residential Parking Program Works
  • To park on the street during restricted hours, residents in the resort neighborhoods can create an account using the City's permit management system to purchase annual residential and guest permits online. The 72-hour temporary permit is free.
  • The resident's account in the permit management system includes supporting documents to verify program eligibility, vehicle information, and resident contact information.
  • Once the resident's account is approved by the City, the guest and temporary parking permits become available for purchase in the permit management system.
  • Resident and temporary permits are license plate based; however actual permit decals are issued for the residential permits. A physical permit or decal is not required for the 72-hour temporary permit once the guest's plate number is entered into the permit management system.
  • Guest permits are hangtags that are placed on the vehicle's rearview mirror so parking enforcement can easily identify the vehicle as valid to park in the restricted parking zone.
  • The vehicle's license plate number is used to validate active residential and temporary parking permits.
  • Parking enforcement reads all vehicle license plates in the restricted parking zone to validate all active residential and temporary permits.
  • Parking enforcement will issue any vehicle without an active residential, guest, or temporary permit a $70 parking citation during the restricted hours.  

Why Create an Account?

There are many benefits to creating an account using the permit management system. The system streamlines the permit application process and applications can be requested from the comfort of your home using any connected device. Click here on Permit Portal to create an account.

  • Apply for permits outside of normal operating hours.
  • Eliminate the need to stand in line to renew or apply for a permit.
  • Annual permit renewal is quick and simple.
  • Create on-demand temporary permits 24-7.
  • Receive parking related email notifications. 

Annual Residential Document Requirements

Section 21-354(a) of the City Code requires valid residency documents before a permit can be issued. Documents can be uploaded online in the permit management system while creating your account. Send questions or issues to

  • Current vehicle registration
  • Current Drivers License
If either of the above two items have an address not within a designated RPP area additional proof is required.
  • Two (2) proofs of residency
    • Driver's License w/current address
    • Check w/current address
    • Rental Agreement
    • Dominion Power Bill
    • Cox Cable Bill
    • Verizon Bill
    • Water/Sewer Bill
    • Personal Property or Real Estate Tax Receipt
    • Payroll check Stub
    • Other current documentation verifying residency, subject to approval.
*The City will verify the submitted documents online. Once the application is approved, a residential permit and/or guest hangtag will be mailed to your residence.

Extend Permits for Existing Residents - Starting March 1st

  • Residential and guest permits can be extended and purchased by logging on to your online account prior to March 31st each year.
  • Permit extensions made after April 1st will require uploading supporting documents.

New Residents

  • Residential and guest permits can be purchased by creating a new account online using any connected device.
  • Create the account with your email or phone number and upload supporting documentation.
  • The City will review supporting documentation to determine program eligibility and will approve or deny the permit request.
  • Permits may be denied if the residence is not located in the restricted zone or insufficient or no supporting residency and vehicle documentation is submitted with the application.
  • Once the application is approved, the new permits will be mailed to your residence. Residential and temporary permits can be validated by parking enforcement using the vehicles' license plate number as soon as the account is created, approved, and permits are purchased. 

Residential Permit Type & Fee - Starting March 1st 2023

​Type of Per​mit
One (1) decal per vehicle
​Maximum is four (4) per residence
1st and 2nd Decal - $5.00
3rd and 4th Decal - $5.00
Resident Guest
Maximum is two (2) per residence
1st Permit - $5.00
​2nd Permit - $5.00
Valid for 72 hours​ per qualified residence
10 per week (maximum) - Free​​
Self-Create Temporary Permits

72-hour temporary permits can be self-created and managed by clicking Permit Portal. These permits can be created on demand using any connected device.  Click here for the Self Create Guide for instructions on how to create temporary permits for your guests. The temporary permits are LICENSE PLATE based. Approval is provided immediately upon creating the permit and your guest is approved to park in the RPP zone without a physical permit. 

Section 21-354(d) states that permits are non-transferable and may be revoked in the event it is determined the owner of the vehicle for which the permit was issued no longer resides in the RPP area. The revoked permitted vehicle will be subject to a parking ticket of $70.00 if found parked in the RPP area.

 Seasonal Parking Permit

​Seasonal Parking Permit

One Permit 7 Lots allows for unlimited re-entry into the municipal parking lots 4th Street, 2nd Street, Rudee Loop, Croatan, Sandbridge Market, Sandbridge Lot, and Little Island. A Seasonal permit is not valid at municpal parking garages and on street metered parking spaces.

Available for purchase starting March 2023
Valid April 1st - October 31st

Fee $70 for first vehicle
       $10 for second vehicle

To purchase a Seasonal Parking Permit online you will need to provide all neccessary contact information and vehicle information. The license plate number of the vehicle will act as the customer's permit. No physical permit will be issued. Once payment of the permit is complete the customer can park immediately.

 Commercial Parking Lot Permit

​Commercial Parking Lot Permit

A Commercial Parking Lot Permit is required annually to operate a commercial parking lot in the resort area.

Fee $100 (valid April 1 - March 31)

Commercial Parking Lot Permits must be renewed annually. Please submit a completed Lot Update Form and your current license for review at vabeachpermits. All commercial lot permits will be mailed to the mailing addreses stated on the lot update form after payment is completed.

Contact Information

 Holiday Parking Restrictions

​Holiday parking restrictions include 24 hours a day restricted parking for July 4th Weekend, from 8pm July 2nd through 6am July 6th, and Labor Day Weekend, 8pm Friday through 6am Tuesday. To legally park in RPP areas, vehicles must display a residential parking decal or pass.  RPP decals/permits are issued only to residents and businesses in the restricted zone.​