Buses and Charter Buses


Bus parking spaces are available at the 4th Street, Croatan and Little Island lots. Overnight parking for buses is permitted at the 4th Street lot only.


4th street parking lot has fifty five parking spaces and ten oversized parking spaces each twenty five feet long to accomodate large vehicles and vehicles with trailors. During the peak season (April-Oct) the ​oversized parking spaces are available for $15 per day or $25 to park overnight.​ The oversized parking spaces are also available to reser​ve during the off season (Nov-March) for $10 a night. Contact parkinghelp@vbgov.com for reservation information.

Charter bus: Any motor vehicle having a seating capacity in excess of six (6) passengers which undertakes to transport people for compensation, not including public transportation agency buses.

The parking or stopping of any charter bus for the purpose of picking up or discharging passengers shall be prohibited between the Friday immediately preceding Memorial Day and the Tuesday immediately following Labor Day, inclusive, of every calendar year on all municipal parking lots and all public streets in an area bounded on the west by Birdneck Road, on the south by Rudee Inlet and Lake Rudee, and on the east and north by the boundaries of the Beach District.

Charter buses may stop for no more than fifteen (15) minutes to pick up or discharge passengers on 19th Street at Arctic Avenue in a zone designated "15 Minute Charter Bus Loading and Unloading."

The 4th Street Public Parking Lot located by Rudee Inlet Loop has been designated as a pickup and discharge zone with fee based parking for charter buses on a first-come, first-served basi​s.

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