​​​​​31st Street Parking Garage


Hours of operation 7am to 2am

Rates renew at 5am

Daily Parking Rates

$2 Per Hour up to $20

VB residents entering after 5pm with I.D. $3 until closing

Rates will vary for some Holidays & Special Events 

 Entering and Exiting The Garage

Entering the Garage

​At the entry device

  • Press Orange button "Get A Ticket" to enter and open gate. See figure #1 on machine.
    • Collect entry ticket and keep to exit garage. See figure #3.
  • Insert credit card. See figure #2. Use same credit card to exit garage.
  • If you have a bar code pass, use bar code reader to scan pass and open gate. See figure #4.

Kiosk 1.png 

Exiting the Garage

At Exit Device

  • Scan entry ticket on barcode reader. See figure #4.
  • See display screen for parking fee. See figure #1.
  • Insert credit card to pay parking fee. See figure #3. Press touch screen for receipt.​
  • Press "Help Button" for cash payment or for assistance. See figure #4.

  • ​If credit card is used to enter garage, use same credit card to exit by inserting credit card. See figure #2.
    • After credit card has processed, press the touch screen for a receipt. See figure #1

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 Restricted Parking

​The Hilton hotel leases spaces from the City for their guest's exclusive use which include both regular and Handicap spaces. The spaces are marked with  red stripes painted on the garage floor and a sign on the wall indicating the space is reserved for Permit and Valet Parking. Any vehicle parking in a reserved space without a permit is subject to be towed.  See pictures for examples of restricted signage.


 Guest Passes

Hilton Hotel Guest Passes

Hilton Hotel Guests park in the 31st Street garage. Once parked/checked in they will receive a hangtag pass from the Hilton front desk that allows parking in the Permit parking spaces. Example hangtag pass.

    Hilton Front.jpg               Hilton BAck.jpg

Self-Entering the Garage with a Hilton Pass

At the entry device, scan the bar code on the bar code reader (figure #4). The gate will open if the pass is active and valid.

If the pass reads invalid, press the orange button on the display screen (figure #1) and get entry ticket. Contact Hilton front desk. Hangtag passes are limited to the time frame of hotel stay and must be out of the garage by checkout. Guest exceeding the time frame will pay the difference. 


Kiosk 1.png 


Self-Exiting the Garage with a Hilton Guest Pass

At the exit device, scan the guest bar code at least 2 inches from bar code reader (figure 2). The gate will open if the pass is active and valid. If the gate does not open, use the Help button (figure 4).


If you have an entry ticket, scan the entry ticket bar code first, then scan the bar code of the Hilton guest pass next to open the gate.  If the gate does not open, use the Help button (figure 4).

 Merchant Validations / Weekly and Monthly Parking

Merchant Validations

Any merchant can participate in a validation program. The program can be self-managed by the merchant through a secured on-line web portal. The merchant can purchase validation in bulk to distribute to their customers or the merchant can be billed monthly based on actual use. Contact garage management at 757-428-2072 to set up an account.

Our current validation programs consist of Catch 31, Neptune's, Nautilus, and Murphy's restaurants. 


Weekly and Monthly Parking

The 31st street garage can accommodate long-term parking needs for area businesses and employees as well as parking overflow from the hotels. Both weekly and monthly passes allow unlimited access to the garage.

Contact garage management at 757-428-2072 for assistance.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get out when there is no attendant and I only have cash?

A: Press help button on exit device and we will send someone over to the location to assist you.

Q: My ticket isn't scanning, what do I do?

A: Hold your ticket in front of the red light leaving at least 2 inches of distance between the ticket and the machine.

Q: My guest pass isn't working, how do I get out?

A: Pass may be expired. If it is expired, you must pay daily rate or back up and get a new pass. OR

A: If you pulled a ticket when you entered, then scan your ticket first then scan your guest pass.

Q: I have swiped my credit card several times, and the machine isn't doing anything.

A: Insert your credit card all the way in the slot with the black stripe facing out of the garage towards the street, then pull the card back out. The screen should say "Processing".

Q: How do I get my Virginia Beach Resident discount when attendant is not on duty?

A: During open hours, press the Help button and someone will assist you. OR

A: During closed hours, the discount rate is not offered.

Q: I'm trying to get in the garage, and pressed for a ticket, but nothing came out.

A: Press Help button on machine and staff will come out to assist you. (ticket maybe jammed)

Q: I have a monthly pass, and it is saying that it's expired.

A: It may be expired do to a payment not made for the month.

Q: Where do I insert my ticket?

A: Hold your ticket at least two inches in front of the red barcode facing the light.

Q: My pass is reading, but the gate is not lifting.

A: Try backing up and pulling closer to the bar code reader. It also may have a short delay, so you may just need to give the reader a second or two.

Q: The gate is broken; how do I exit?

A: Please backup slowly and use the other exit. Staff will repair the gate.

Q: I came up the wrong way via Valet ramp

A: Back up and enter the garage on 30th street.

Q: Valet parked my vehicle and I do not have a ticket, how do I exit?

A: You must pay the lost ticket fee of $28.00 or take your keys back to valet and have them retrieve your vehicle through the valet lane.

Contact Information
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 Purchase Monthly Parking at 31st Street

​For monthly parking at 31st Street garage visit FlashValet, create a new account, and pay with credit card. Download FlashParking in your IOS or Android app store to enter garage after payment.

 Hotel Guest Weekly Parking

Purchase a Weekly Parking Pass if you are staying at a resort hotel. The Weekly pass can be purchased by going here, finding the location, and clicking Book Now.