About the SGA Office

The Strategic Growth Area (SGA) Office utilizes innovative land use planning, urban design, zoning, transportation planning, comprehensive planning, parking, marketing and financial analysis tools to implement the vision of Virginia Beach and its unique growth centers. The office is composed of multiple disciplines that collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to create and manage places of value and facilitate the future growth of our City.


Name​​Job Title​Phone 
Kathy Warren​SGA Manager(757)​ ​385-2901
Brian SolisTransportation & Transit Manager(757)​ ​​385-2907
Charleen Cooper​Administrative Specialist II​(757)​ ​385-2905
​Mark Shea​Comprehensive Planning Coordinator​(757)​ ​385-2908
Ronald Berkebile​Financial Analyst​(757)​ ​385-2902
Emily Archer​​​SGA Planner III / Urban Designer(757)​ ​​385-2912​​​​​​​​​​​​
​Ashby Moss​SGA Planning Evaluation Coordinator(757)​ ​​385-2904
​Deborah Zywna​​SGA Planner III​(757)​ ​385-2913
Kristine Gay​SGA Planner III​(757)​ ​​385-2903
Karen CreechSGA Planner II/Urban Designer​(757) 385-2906
​Rob Fries​Parking Manager​(757) 385-6641
​Tavris ParkerParking Operations Supervisor  ​(757) 385-6616
​Cecelia Riddick​Accountant​(757) 385-6612
​Mike Askew​Parking Supervisor​(757) 385-5303
Karriem (Mac) McQuiller​Parking Supervisor​(757) 385-6667
Tara ReelTransportation and Transit Planner II​(757) ​385-6597
Casi HansfordBusiness Applications Specialist​(757) ​385-6956

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