Envision Virginia Beach 2040

Now that Envision Virginia Beach 2040 has completed its comprehensive report, the committee is working to ensure that its momentum carries over into tangible action. To make that happen, City Council appointed a Vision to Action Community Coalition. The group will conduct public outreach and monitor and report on the City’s progress toward achieving the vision.
The Coalition meets the 2nd Friday of each month 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the Strategic Growth Area Office at Town Center, 4525 Main Street, Suite 710. Meetings are open to the public.​

Committee Members

  • Peggy Layne, Chair
  • Joe Voorhees, Vice Chair
  • Georgia Allen
  • Cindy Arocho
  • Jason Barney
  • Edwina Bergano
  • Erica Cuffee
  • Carol Curtis
  • Daniel Edwards
  • Bud Carlton
  • Robert Magoon

  • Joashua Schulman

  • Jenefer Snyder

  • David Weiner

  • Kyle Korte​

  • Karen Kwasny

  • Martha McClees

  • Cheryl Snowden 


Contact Information