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​​​​​Traffic Count DeviceThe City of Virginia Beach conducts a program where traffic data is gathered from sensors in or along City roadways.  From this data, estimates of the average number of vehicles traveled along each segment of road are calculated.
The traffic data in these reports are provided as a public service.  The City of Virginia Beach makes this traffic data available on an as is basis.  The "volume" number listed represents an estimate of traffic counted in both directions and developed from 24-hour counts taken during weekdays (most of them were Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).  The volume numbers listed are shown either as an ADT (48 hour average), or an AADT (yearly average for continuously counting sites, or; a 48 hour average number adjusted using continuous count data).  The listed ADT numbers are raw volumes that are unadjusted for seasonal and other variations.  Because the data collection techniques and statistical evaluation processes are different than those used in previous years, comparison with previous years may be misleading.  While every effort is made on the part of the City of Virginia Beach to provide valid and current information, the City makes no representation or warranties, express or implied, about the validity of the information and is not held responsible for errors in this data.
The data on this web site is posted for informational purposes only.  It may be used to aid in the efficient dissemination of traffic information for engineering purposes.  Users agree to hold harmless and indemnify the City of Virginia Beach as well as its employees of any liability whatsoever which may develop by users' review and use of this data.  Users are responsible to be knowledgeable of the character and limitations associated with traffic data if used in engineering work and thereby its responsible use in the same.  Th​e data contained within this website is periodically updated.  Users are responsible to be aware of any updates and incorporate the updated data as may be appropriate for their work.
ADT - Average Daily Traffic
AADT - Annual Average Daily Traffic
If you accept the terms stipulated above, select Interactive Traffic Control D​atabase System (TCDS) for access to the system.
Select Historical Traffic Volume Report for archive traffic count data.
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