Traffic Management Center

Founded in January 2006, the Traffic Management Center (TMC) serves as an information dissemination hub. The TMC facilitates the application of technology and engineering to managing traffic and the dissemination of traffic related information to the motoring public.
​​​​​​​​The TMC controls the City of Virginia Beach transportation communications network.  This network consists of a 100 mile fiber optic cable backbone, 50 miles of t​wisted pair copper cable, and 45 closed-circuit television cameras.  This network also controls all of the city's 380 traffic signals.  The network has a d​irect connection to the Virginia D​epartment of Transportation's Traffic Operations C​enter (TOC), and will provide the City of Virginia B​each with direct access to video from the TOC'S interstate cameras.
The network also includes seven (7) permanent, changeable message signs and 50 systems detectors (to detect instantaneous changes in traffic flow).
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