Adopt-a-Drain Program

​​​​​​​​​​​​​The City’s Adopt-a-Drain program is anticipated to launch in March 2018. Residents will be able to adopt storm drains across the City.  This volunteer program simply asks that storm drain adopters pledge to keep the area surrounding their adopted storm drains clear from debris, such as leaves, pine straw, gravel and trash.​​​​​​​

​​How can I Adopt-a-Drain?​

Once the Adopt-a-Drain web-based tool launches, adopting a drain will be as easy as 1-2-3:​
        1. ​​​​Sign-up to Adopt-a-Drain online. 
        2. Search the map for drains or enter a specific address. 
        3. Select and name the drains you wish to adopt.

​​​​Why Adopt-a-Drain?​

​The Virginia Beach Department of Public Works maintains more than 40,000 storm drains across the City.  Trash and debris that makes its way into storm drains can contribute to pollution of our local waterways and potentially cause flooding in extreme cases.  Adopting a storm drain and incorporating drain clearing into your regular yard maintenance routine can go a long way toward keeping our waterways clean and our streets clear during heavy rainfall.  For more information, ple​ase contact Public Works at (757)385-4131 or email

Stay Safe​

In fulfilling your adoption pledge, please put safety first.  Never lift or remove the storm drain covers.  Never reach into or enter the storm drains!  ​For interior storm drain maintenance,​ call (757)385-1470 or make a service request online.

Look for your opportunity to Adopt-a-Drain in ​2018!​​

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