Stormwater Utility Fee Adjustment Program

​Save on your stormwater utility fee

The City of Virginia Beach offers a Stormwater Utility Fee Adjustment Program to help you save up to 50% reduction in stormwater utility fees

To be considered for a fee reduction, eligible property owners must: 

  1. Submit a Stormwater Utility Fee Adjustment application.
  2. Enter into a stormwater management facility maintenance agreement with the City.
  3. Employ an onsite facility that reduces pollution from stormwater runoff and/or reduces the volume of stormwater runoff from the property. 
  4. Have a developed non-residential property or a developed multifamily residential property with a minimum of five dwelling units. 

Is my property eligible for a SWU discount?

Private multi-family residential, faith organizations, commercial and industrial properties that have one or more functional onsite stormwater management facilities may be eligible for the fee adjustment. Property owners may also be eligible for a fee adjustment by reducing impervious area (e.g. converting impervious pavement to vegetated surface).  Once approved, property owners must ensure proper continuous facility maintenance and will be included in the City's regular inspections to attest to the stormwater management facility's proper operation and functionality. 

Maintain your facility properly

Check out these fact sheets for information on best practices to properly maintain some common stormwater management facility types and troubleshoot any potential issues. 

​Commercial Wet Pond
Dry Swale
​Extended Detention Pond
​Filtering Device
Grass Channel
​Hydrodynamic Device
​Neighborhood Wet Pond
​Permeable Pavement
​Rainwater Harvesting
​Rooftop Disconnection

Protect our waterways. Report stormwater pollution by calling (757) 385-1470 or email us at​.​

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