NEEDED: Pictures to Update the City's Master Drainage Plans

As part of the City’s Capital Improvement Project (CIP7-027), Public Works is currently updating the Master Drainage Plans for all of the 31 watersheds in the city.

Part of this project involves creating “dynamic stormwater management models” (SWMM) for each watershed.  To do that accurately, each model has to be associated with a known storm event.  Because of the major storms the city endured last fall, Public Works will be using Tropical Storm Julia (September 19th – 23rd, 2016) and Hurricane Matthew (October 8th – 9th, 2016) as the storms to validate the needed data.

To do this, officials have to know what elevations the water reached at various points throughout the city during these two storms.  Many of our citizens took pictures during and after the storms, and many of those pictures could greatly help us with our models.  

What we are asking is that if any citizens would be willing to send us their pictures from the storm that show severe flooding, we would like to use them to help create our models.If you do have pictures, we need them to inform us of the following:
      • ​​Where the​ picture was taken (the street address or intersection of the flooding in the picture) 
      • What day and time the picture was taken 
      • Some type of visual reference point that shows how high the water reached during the storm that can help us determine the extent and severity of flooding (a benchmark – We use benchmarks to measure elevations which are used in the models.) 
​​Below are three examples of pictures that CAN help us.​​​:
      • 20161009_082932.jpg shows the intersection of Deer Park and Brookbridge.  The border around the flagpole will provide us an elevation. 
      • dsc_0718_201610.jpg is at the intersection of Stockbridge Drive and Eastwind Road.  The rack (debris) line in the picture can be used to establish an elevation.
      • 20161009_092544.jpg is taken at 2421 Windy Pine Road and the bottom of the landscape wall across the street can be used to establish an elevation. 
​Below are three examples of pictures that we CANNOT use for validation purposes: 
      • ​​​IMG_0959.jpg is on Lookout Road.  The angle of this photo does not allow us to determine the length from the overpass to the flooding which is need for us to measure an elevation. 
      • Steeplechase Drive North of Dunhill.jpg shows th​e flooding along Steeplechase but has no visible benchmarks to establish an elevation.​ 
​​If you have pictures that we can use, please e-mail them to​.  If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Public Works Communications Office at:  (757) 385-8062, or Drew Lankford, ​​​​
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