Kingston (Kings) Lake Dam

​In accordance with the Virginia State Dam Safety Act, Kingston (Kings) Lake Dam is a State regulated dam.  To comply with these regulations, the Kingston Dam rehabilitation project was completed in March 2015 to match existing elevations.  The project involved replacing the outfall structure for the lake with an adequately sized spillway, removing all woody vegetation within 25 feet of the dam, and armoring the banks to prevent erosion.  During construction, the lake was drawn down approximately 3 feet and was subsequently allowed to naturally fill after construction.  A public meeting was held September 14, 2016, after the rehabilitation of the dam had been completed and concerns were expressed about post construction water levels of the lake.

A subsequent public meeting was held in February 2017 with the lake residents to discuss the lake water level. Approximately thirty citizens attended this meeting that lasted approximately  1 ½ hours.  City of Virginia Beach government representatives in attendance were Deputy City Manager Tom Leahy, Public Works Operations Engineer, Mark A. Johnson, P.E., Public Works Stormwater Engineer, Cheryl Cole, P.E. and, Public Works Stormwater Operations Manager, Mark A. Jones, P.E.

Based on the concerns expressed by the residents at the last public meeting, analysis of raising the dam 4.475 inches was to be completed by the Department of Public Works Operations Engineering in addition to an evaluation of the floodplain requirements and treating the lake for nuisance weeds and algae.

The analysis of raising the elevation of the spillway and associated inundation study of the floodplain was completed in June 2017 and is under review by the Department of Conservation and Recreation(DCR). Kingston Lake was treated for algae and weed control by Solitude Lake Management services in June 2017. Further action regarding Kingston Lake is pending the outcome of the current review of the completed analysis by the DCR which is anticipated to be completed by the end of August 2017.

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