Aragona Drainage Improvements

​​​​​The Aragona Village subdivision is located between Haygood Road and N. Witchduck Road.  This neighborhood was constructed in the late 1950s and portions of the drainage system are undersized compared to current design standards.

In 2012 Public Works Operations inspected the drainage system and found significant blockages and restrictions.  These restrictions were removed and the pipes cleaned.  The storm pipes and inlets were repaired as necessary.

This Aragona Drainage Improvements project (CIP 7-400) will further improve drainage in the neighborhood with the installation of larger storm pipes along Aragona Boulevard and Overman Avenue.  Currently two major storm pipes converge at Aragona Boulevard and Overman Avenue and drain through a single 72” storm pipe to outfall to the ditch.  This project will separate these two systems and install a second 72” storm pipe for additional capacity.  This project will also install additional drain inlets along Overman Avenue to reduce roadway flooding.

The FY18 capital improvement program adopted by City Council provided $3.8 Million for the construction of these drainage improvements.

Current Update

This project was introduced during a public meeting on January 24, 2019 at Diamond Springs Elementary school.  Construction began in June 2020 with an anticipated completion by January 2022.  The contractor has made progress on the project having completed the installation of additional storm drain inlets along Overman Avenue between Sullivan Blvd and Hunting Hill Lane.  The Hydrodynamic Separator and outfall improvements have been installed at the storm drain outfall near Overman Ave and Stell Lane.  A new 72" storm pipe has been installed along Overman Avenue between Aragona Blvd and Stell Lane.  The water and sanitary sewer will be replaced prior to repaving this portion of Overman Avenue.  The contractor is currently working to install the storm drain improvements along Aragona Blvd between Sullivan Blvd and Overman Avenue.  The full width of Aragona Blvd and Overman Avenue disturbed by this project will be repaved upon completion of this work.


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