S. Independence-Silverleaf-Commuter Intersection Improvements

​​​​Over the past 8+ years (2007 through June 2015), there have been a total of 104 reported motor vehicle accidents at this intersection.  Of these accidents, a total of 42 (40%) included personal injury, with one accident involving a fatality, and 64 (61%) involving property damage.  A review of the accident data showed no specific time of day or specific day of the week that these accidents have occurred.

​As a result, city traffic engineers and officials have developed a plan to make this traffic area safer.  This project will improve safety and reduce accidents at these intersections through the use of access management by means of reconfiguring the traffic flow through this corridor.  The planned improvements are expected to reduce crashes by 78%.  Of the past 104 crashes, 80 would possibly have been eliminated by this improvement. 

​This project involves the modification of two intersections along the South Independence Boulevard corridor.  

The first modification, Phase I, will be made at the intersection with Commuter Drive, where a new median opening will be constructed that will allow LEFT TURN movements only from Commuter Drive onto South Independence Boulevard (heading south).

Upon completion of Phase I, driver behavior and frequency/severity of intersection crash data will be collected and reviewed for a six month period.  Should improvements in the safety of this intersection (reduction in crashes) not be seen, then a decision will be made to proceed to Phase II.

The second modification, Phase II, will be at the intersection of Silverleaf Drive, where a raised directional median will be installed.  This will:

  • Allow BOTH left and right turns from S. Independence Blvd. onto Silverleaf Dr.
  • ELIMINATE the crossing movements across S. Independence Blvd. coming from Silverleaf Dr.
  • Allow RIGHT turns from Silverleaf Dr. onto S. Independence Blvd. in BOTH directions. 


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