Noise Abatement Study

​​​​​​​​​​On June 20, 2017 City Council adopted a Resolution directing the City Manager to undertake a traffic noise evaluation along Northampton Boulevard at the Lake Shores neighborhood and report the results of such evaluation to the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), and if the results warrant sound walls, request VDOT fund a noise abatement project.

In July 2017, the City initiated a “high level” noise study.  In addition to the Northampton Boulevard corridor, (6) additional corridors throughout the City were chosen to be evaluated.  These were selected corridors of known noise complaints.  In January 2018, the City received the final report.

The report indicates that based on the noise readings taken and the subsequent modeling performed considering, traffic volume, terrain, proximity of structures to highway, etc., sound walls are warranted along each corridor evaluated.  Specific limits of the proposed sound walls are shown in the report.   The proposed sound wall designs are considered conceptual since more detailed modeling is required to make the final feasibility and reasonableness determinations per Federal and State policies.

As part of the study, planning level cost estimate​s were generated for each sound wall segment recommended.   The total cost for all the sound walls recommended for all corridors is approximately $171M. 

​The following are documents pertaining to this ​noise study:

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