Nimmo Parkway Phase VII-B, CIP2-110

​​​Project Description​​​​​

​​This project is for the construction of Nimmo Parkway Phase VII-B, a two-lane undivided roadway with shoulders, on-road bike lanes, and a single shared-use path. The project is the second phase of Nimmo Parkway VII, which has limits from Albuquerque Drive to the western terminus of the Sandbridge Road-Nimmo Phase VII-A project (CIP 2-078). This project will include a bridge spanning Asheville Bridge Creek and the adjacent flood plain/ wetlands area. The project will also have design considerations for recurrent flooding and future sea level rise.​

April 10, 2019 Update 

The main project activity at the moment is preparation of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) document. This document is a federal requirement due to the allocation of FY 2025 Regional Surface Transportation Program funds placed on the project. The first section of the NEPA document has been submitted to VDOT for review, with more technical studies ongoing. An environmental agency scoping meeting was held April 3rd 2019. This meeting is a big milestone in the environmental process for the project. The meeting identified many key state and federal agency stakeholders who will provide input and comments on environmental permitting efforts as the project moves forward. In the next couple weeks we anticipate receiving comments from those in attendance and continuing to develop our NEPA document.​ 

Preliminary design activities have also begun on the project. The majority of design work to date includes field studies and on-site data collection for the purposes of environmental, geotechnical, and noise study. This design work also includes preliminary traffic analysis conducted by the City’s design consultant in coordination with the Public Works Traffic Engineering division. 

​​​Project History

This project first appeared in the 1990-94 CIP as project 2-150 Ferrell Parkway Phase VI and VII (Partial). The project was removed from the CIP after VDOT funding was transferred to Independence Boulevard Phase IV-C. Ferrell Parkway Phases VI and VII were re-named Nimmo Parkway Phases VI and VII in the FY 2015-20 CIP. The funds appropriated to date are slated for design activities and environmental permitting.