Lesner Bridge Replacement

Rendering of the Completed Lesner Bridge Structure

Construction Cam​​era

A construction camera​ has been installed to view images of the bridge construction.  Images are updated on the hour.​

December 21, 2016 Update​

To All:

As many of you have seen, a lot of work has been going on at the intersections of Shore Drive/Vista Circle and Shore Drive/East Stratford Street in preparation for the Phase 4 traffic switch of eastbound Shore Drive traffic over to the new bridge.  So, before we all head off into the long holiday break, we wanted to provide you this brief project update of what to expect at the Lesner Bridge over the next few weeks.

First of all, the traffic switch is tentatively scheduled for next Thursday December 29th.  As always, this schedule is dependent upon the weather, as well as when the paving contractor can be at the site to place the temporary asphalt at the widened bridge approaches.

In addition, pedestrians can now use both the new westbound Lesner Bridge AND the existing sidewalk on the eastbound Lesner Bridge to cross the Lynnhaven River.

On Tuesday, January 3rd (2017), the sidewalk on the existing eastbound Lesner Bridge will be CLOSED in preparation for bridge demolition.  This means that pedestrians wishing to cross over the Lynnhaven Inlet will have to use the temporary pedestrian path located on the north side of the new westbound Lesner Bridge between Page Avenue and East Stratford Street.  The 4-foot wide temporary path might feel a little cramped between the new handrail and the safety screening.  Don’t worry . . . . the finished path will be widened to 10 feet at the completion of the project and the temporary safety screening will be removed to provide much more room for pedestrians and cyclists to comfortably share this pathway.

​​Stay tuned and please drive safely!



This project first appeared in the FY 2002-03 CIP and is included in the Governor’s Transportation Plan. Lesner bridge was identified for replacement through the City’s bridge condition inventory and the Shore Drive Transportation Study.  In VDOT’s final FY2014 six-year plan, the State shifted prior VDOT funding to out years, but requested the City maintain the prior schedule.  The City Council approved substitution of contractual obligation debt on August 13, 2013 so the project could be bid for construction, with agreement that VDOT would provide $10,453,200 in FY 2014-15, $13,000,000 in FY 2016-17, and $14,220,117 in FY 2017-18 and the local debt would be decreased in those years accordingly.  Bid were opened on December 21, 2013 and the construction contract executed with McLean Construction on April 28, 2014.  The Notice to Proceed for construction was issued for June 2, 2014. 

Work Description

This project will replace the existing Lesner Bridge with a signature facility that is capable of handling six lanes of traffic in the future. The replacement bridge structure will be striped for two lanes of traffic and wide shoulders.  The inside lane will be 12 feet wide and the inside shoulder will be 6 feet wide.  The outside lane will be 14 feet wide and the outside shoulder will be 8 feet wide. Each bridge will also have a 10 foot wide multi-use path for use by pedestrians and recreational cyclists. The proposed bridge will be designed to provide minimum 45 feet vertical clearance above mean high water and 225 feet minimum horizontal clearance at center navigation channel span. This project also includes upgrades to the intersections of East Stratford Street and Vista Circle (the termini for the project), as well as aesthetic upgrades within the project limits.

McLean Construction, Inc. began the project June 2, 2014.

As a reminder, the sidewalk on westbound Shore Drive is closed to pedestrians and cyclists between Page Avenue and East Stratford Street.  If pedestrians need to cross the bridge, they will need to cross the eastbound bridge where a temporary 4-foot wide pedestrian/cyclist access has been provided.​


Additional information is available on the Lesner Bridge Project Detail Sheet​

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