Indian River Rd. - Kempsville Rd. Intersection Improvements (CIP 2-418)


The Indian River Road – Kempsville Road (IRK) intersection carries over 106,000 vehicles per day and operates well beyond its intended capacity and level of service.  At the top of the Intersections Congestion List, IRK also ranks poorly o​n the High Accident Location Report
It is the MOST congested intersection in the City of Virginia Beach.  There are major access and maintenance issues, along with the congestion and delay issues.

November 6, 2018 Update

Effective Sunday, November 18th, 2018 Until further notice: 

Due to the Indian River/Kempsville Road Intersection Improvement Project, the bus stop at Indian River & Kempsville (9173) will not be serviced.  

This project will reconstruct the Indian River Road/Kempsville Road intersection
to increase capacity and improve safety and traffic flow. The design combines two innovative approaches: indirect left turns to the north and south on Kempsville Road (also known as a continuous flow intersection) and median U-turn lefts to the east and west of the intersection on Indian River Road. 

Passengers should expect delays as to board and alight at Indian River Rd. & Kemps River Dr.​ (6078).


Public Works looked at 12 design alternatives – an overpass, lane additions, a traffic circle, jug-handles, and others.  What we have come up with is a hybrid design of two non-traditional solutions.   This solution minimizes costs and improves traffic flow.  This design increases the overall capacity of the intersection, and keeps delays to a minimum for the entire corridor.  It also reduces any right-of-way acquisitions that would have to be made compared to traditional lane additions.​ 

How It Works 

The current configuration of six through lanes on Indian River Road and four through lanes on Kempsville Road will remain.  The change will be in the way left turns are made.  Left turns are reconfigured as “Indirect Left Turns” (also called Michigan lefts) for Indian River Road and “Displaced Left Turns” for Kempsville Road. ​

Construction Phase 

​While construction is taking place, access to adjacent businesses will be maintained during all business hours.  There will be some delays during construction and detours will be utilized during some phases of construction.

Detours and major changes in travel patterns will be announced in advance.  The notices will encourage motorists to plan alternate routes during construction, especially during the peak hours of the morning and evening commutes. 


Total cost of the project: $23.1M

The project is funded with Federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality funds.




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