In a city of over 250 square land miles with 1250 lane miles of primary and secondary roads, managing those streets and roads is a major responsibility of Public Works.  The work that comes with that responsibility is large and widespread, from planning those roads and bridges from scratch to building and maintaining them.  That includes engineering, construction management, project management, and coordinating projects with Traffic Engineering and Traffic Operations.  

The responsibility of the Transportation Program engineers is to manage and coordinate current projects while studying and planning for the transportation needs and projects in the coming years.  Projects are being studied and designed today that will be built years from now. ​

Pavement Maintenance Schedule​

The City of Virginia Beach Pavement Maintenance Schedule has developed annually with the goal of preserving the City’s roadways through either preventive or corrective measures.   Once completed, these projects improve the road pavement’s effect on vehicles -  ride quality, safety, service life, etc. -  as well as extend the service life of the road.  Please follow the links below to the Pavement Maintenance Schedule and Map: