Storm Drain Marker Program


The Storm Drain Marker Program was implemented to help increase public awareness of the environmental effects of dumping in storm drains and their contribution to water pollution in the Chesapeake Bay, Back Bay and the ocean.  Storm water pollution is a major source of our nation’s water quality problems.  A study showed that 50% of the pollution in the Chesapeake Bay is due to storm water runoff.  Water that runs off streets and buildings picks up litter, motor oil, excess fertilizers and other pollutants as it makes its way into natural waters.

How can you help?

The markers we are currently using are watershed-specific.  Each storm drain will be tagged with a marker which will identify which watershed it drains to.  Volunteers simply adhere 4-inch stainless steel markers on storm drains with the message “Drains to…” with the specific watershed listed on it.  Volunteer groups of 2 or more people are needed. 
Let us know what neighborhood(s) your group would like to volunteer to place the storm markers.  Currently there are over 30,000 storm drains to be marked in Virginia Beach, so we encourage volunteers to assist in this much needed project.  It only takes approximately 5 minutes to attach each marker and you can schedule your own hours. 

Due to weather restrictions, the Storm Drain Marker project is generally conducted during the Spring, Summer and Fall only.  For details, call 385-4131.
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