City Landfill & Resource Recovery Center

The City of Virginia Beach Landfill and Resource Recovery Center has received national and state-wide recognition for the efforts in rebranding the facility and for excellence in the industry. Awards include: MarCom Awards 2014 Gold Award, Virginia Recycling Association (VRA) 2015 Outstanding Municipal Program Award, and the Virginia Municipal League (VML) Communications Award Achievement Award for excellence in local government.


 City Landfill

Residential vehicles only. 
Residential vehicles are defined as those that are privately owned, non-commercial automobiles, pickup trucks, station wagons, and passenger and mini vans. Examples of non-residential vehicles are vehicles with ladder racks, commercial signage, work equipment, trailers longer than ten feet, and cargo or panel vans.

Due to the potential risk of fire at our yard waste facility, the Landfill and Resource Recovery Center is restricting trailers from bringing in yard waste. Trailers 10 feet and smaller will be permitted entry.  Any trailer that is over 10 feet or has a dump bed will be turned away and not allowed access. 

No dump trailers.

The City reserves the right to refuse landfill access when: there is unsafe weather conditions, lack of storage area, mechanical breakdowns, or if material is not needed at that time.

Please only use the landfill for items that cannot be discarded at the Resource Recovery Center or Recycling Drop-Off. City Landfill Staff are available to help answer any questions about what items can be recycled.

Residents are not allowed on the landfill. Residents must instead put items in the convience center containers. Items cannot be left outside of the containers so bring someone to help lift items if needed.

The following items are not accepted at the City Landfill:

  • All waste materials generated from commercial operations
  • ​Animal carcasses
  • Animal manure
  • Bagged yard debris
  • Boats
  • Commercial tires, agricultural equipment and industrial tires
  • Oil drums (unless both ends are cut out and rinsed)
  • Dust or severely dust laden waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Heavy construction and demolition rubble
  • Large quantities of cable, wire rope and similar materials
  • Large tree trunk stumps and timber over 6 inches in diameter, unless cut to firewood length (18 inches)
  • Loose and bagged leaves
  • Materials containing friable asbestos
  • Medical waste
  • PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) waste
  • Radioactive waste
  • Railroad ties and creosote-treated materials
  • Special waste including contaminated soil, pesticide containers, sandblasting wastes, sludge, etc.
  • Engine blocks, transmissions, and axles, unless disassembled and drained of free liquids
  • Waste deemed unacceptable by the City Landfill and Resource Recovery Center Superintendent or designee or prohibited by City’s operating permit.  

The City Landfill and Resource Recovery Center is closed during City Observed Holidays​ and during times of inclement weather such as high winds, lightning, icy roads, snow or other unsafe conditions.

The City Landfill and Resource Recovery Center is a municipal solid waste facility that is highly regulated through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

Proof of Virginia Beach residency is required. This includes a valid Virginia driver's license with the resident's primary Virginia Beach address. Virginia Beach residents without a local driver's license must produce a utility bill, rent receipt or check draft (with name on documentation matching picture I.D.)​ Physical proof of residency must be presented by an occupant of the vehicle to be admitted. Electronic or digital proof of residency is not accepted.

 Recycling Drop-Off

Items that can be placed in your blue carts for curbside pick-up are accepted at the Recycling Drop-Off Center. Please breakdown all cardboard boxes before placing them in the bins. All containers must be emptied and rinsed.

The Recycling Drop-Off at the City Landfill accepts the following items:

  • ​Paper: office paper, newspaper, junk mail, magazines, phone books, paper bags
  • Cardboard & Chipboard: flattened, un-waxed, clean & dry​
  • Plastic Bottles # 1 -7. NO plastic bags.
  • Cartons, including food and beverage cartons (juice, milk, soy milk, soup, broth, etc.)
  • Glass Bottles & Jars: clear, green & brown; remove & discard lids.
  • ​Metals: aluminum, steel, or tin food & beverage cans; clean aluminum foil

 ​Resource Recovery Center

Only waste generated at the primary residence of City of Virginia Beach citizens may be received at the Virginia Beach Landfill and Resource Recovery Center. Waste must be delivered in a privately owned, non-commercial,  automobile, station wagon, passenger or minivan, unmodified low-sided pickup truck, or a trailer that is no larger than a pickup truck bed. 

The Resource Recovery Center accepts  the following items:


  • Automotive and all rechargeable batteries such as Lithium-ion, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH

  • The scale attendant must be informed that batteries are included in a load. These items should be dropped off at the household hazardous waste facility and not be commingled with other items.​​​

Concrete, Brick and Stone

  • Free of steel reinforcement and other materials

Cooking Grease and Oil


  • ​​Calculators, Cameras, Cell Phones, Computer Monitors, Computers, DVD Players, Electronic Scanners, Electronic Tablets, E-Readers, Facsimile Machines, Laptops, MP3 Players, Printers, Radios, Televisions, TTYs 

  • NO CRT Televisions or Monitors (These can be disposed of in the convience center containers but please note that they are not recycled)

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

  • Aerosol Spray Cans, Automotive Fluids, Herbicides, Pesticides, Household Cleaners, Gasoline (Up to 5 Gallons), Fertilizer, Free Liquids, Pool Chemicals, CFLs or Fluorescent Tubes, Oil and Water Based Paint, Propane Tanks


  • Appliances
    • Appliances containing Freon gases brought by citizens from their primary residence in Virginia Beach will be processed and disposed of free of charge.
    • ​Aluminum, Bed Frames, Electrical Cords, Ferrous Metal, Lawn Mowers, Metal Lawn Furniture, Stainless Steel​

Oyster and Clam Shells


  • Up to four automobile or light truck tires with or without rims can be disposed of free of charge by Virginia Beach citizens from their primary residence. 

Wood Pallets

Yard Debris

  • Brush and branches will be accepted up to 6 inches in diameter. 
  • Branches larger than 6 inches in diameter must be cut length-wise into pieces no longer than 18 inches (firewood length)
  • No commercial yard waste is accepted 
  • Note: The Public Works Department Waste Management Division has a new, lower cost, contract for the recycling of bagged yard waste which provides an alternate disposal point for waste management​ collections vehicles. The best way for residents to ensure these materials are recycled is to put the bagged material to the curb for collections. The Landfill & Resource Recovery Center is no longer equipped to recycle bagged yard waste.
Contact Information

 Location and Hours

1989 Jake Sears Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23464​​

Landfill Hours:
Tuesday ​- Saturday
7:00 a.m. ​- 4:30 p.m.​