Mosquito Control

​​The Public Works - Mosquito Control Bureau works to reduce mosquito populations throughout the city.​​


 Mosquito Borne Illness​

Just Say No To Zika​The most common mosquito-borne diseases found in Virginia include West Nile virus, Eastern Equine encephalitis, La Crosse encephalitis and St. Louis encephalitis.​ Mosquito Control is also working with the Virginia Department of Health​ and the Virginia Beach Department of Public Health​ to try to prevent Zika virus from gaining a foothold in Virginia Beach. ​​​


​The City of Virginia Beach tracks adult mosquito populations and tests mosquitoes as well as and sentinel chicken blood for the presence of mosquito-borne disease​. This information is used by Mosquito Control to guide the locations of the adulticiding efforts. ​​​​​​

 Ditch Maintenance

​From November through April, crews provide ditch maintenance services which reduces the amount of standing water available to mosquitoes for egg laying and maturing. This involved no chemicals and is considered one of the more permanent forms of mosquito control.​​


Mosquito larvaeMay through October, day-time mosquito control personnel are larviciding (destruction of immature mosquitoes found in standing water). They go to known breeding sites throughout the City and treat standing water with materials which kill the insects before they get the chance to mature, fly and begin biting. Crews treat about 1,000 acres of standing water against immature mosquitos each season. ​


Mosquito on personDuring the times of the year when adult mosquitoes are active, the Bureau’s night time personnel apply pesticides from machines mounted in pickup trucks in areas of the City where there are large populations of adult mosquitoes. This activity, known as adulticiding, is probably the most well-known activity by the public, and the one that receives the most notoriety and attention from the public. It is, however, a late-stage effort to control adult mosquitoes that somehow manage to escape the previous larviciding efforts. Throughout a single summer, the Bureau’s personnel will perform adulticiding treatments on between 500,000 and 700,000 acres of area in the City.

​​Request Spraying

To request yard services from the Mosquito Control Bureau, call (757) 385-1470. You will be required to identify the problem and provide a contact name with telephone number. Consent to enter private property ​will have to be signed by the property owner or tenant, 18 or older, prior to any service application. When you are contacted to schedule your yard treatment, ensure that you choose a time when you will be home. You will sign the consent form at that time. This service is for one application between May and October.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

To learn where nighttime mosquito spraying will occur, call (757) 385-1590 (updated daily at 3 p.m.) or check the map.
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