Windsor Woods / Princess Anne Plaza / The Lakes

Projects to improve stormwater management and relieve widespread flooding in the Windsor Woods, Princess Anne Plaza and The Lakes neighborhoods.  

Princess Anne Plaza North London Bridge Creek Tide Gate, Pump Station & Barriers
Construction of a tide gate, stormwater pump station, and tide barriers along the London Bridge Creek at the South Lynnhaven Road crossing.  

The Lakes South London Bridge Creek Channels & Gate  

Design, acquisition, and construction of channels and a tide gate along the Lakes and Green Run canals and along London Bridge Creek immediately south of and adjacent to the Lynnhaven Parkway crossing.

The Lakes Flood Barriers 

  • Put flood barriers in place to stop runoff, high tides and surge from spilling into the The Lakes-Princess Anne Plaza basin. 
  • Create flood barriers by raising the existing grade to the Design Flood Elevation using Lynnhaven Parkway as the alignment. 
  • On the west side of London Bridge Creek: create an earthen berm (a barrier composed of the earth to divert water), remove and replace existing sidewalks. 
  • On the east side of London Bridge Creek: the existing earthen berm on the north side of the road will be used to divert water.

The Lakes Holland Road Gate 

Construction of a flood control gate on the west side of Holland Road at The Lakes canal crossing and storm drainpipe improvements in the Chimney Hill subdivision.  

Windsor Woods Flood Barriers 

  • Create earthen berms and concrete walls with sheet pile cut-offs around the pump station and parallel to Thalia Creek to within 100 feet of the gate/pump station site. 
  • The barrier along South Boulevard will ultimately tie-in to natural ground on the eastern and western ends. 
  • The barriers will be built to a top elevation of 10.5 feet to provide tidal protection to FEMA's100-year flood elevation.

Windsor Woods Pump Station 

Construction of a stormwater pump station in the vicinity of Lake Windsor and South Boulevard

Windsor Woods Thalia Creek/Lake Trashmore Improvements 

  • Property acquisition and construction of culverts between Lake Trashmore and Thalia Creek.
  • Channel improvements along Thalia Creek between Lake Trashmore and Lake Windsor. 

Windsor Woods Tide Gate

Design, property acquisition, and construction of a tide gate across Thalia Creek in the vicinity of Lake Windsor and an adjacent interim pump.

Windsor Woods Drainage 

Design, acquisition, and construction of drainage improvements along Rosemont Road, South Plaza Trail and Old Forge Road including new storm drain pipes, new drainage inlets, and catch basins, and a new stormwater pond on the Bow Creek Golf Course.

Bow Creek Stormwater Park 

Design, acquisition of property, and construction to convert the Bow Creek Golf Course in the Princess Anne Plaza neighborhood into a park with stormwater storage. 

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