Southern Watershed

Projects to reduce recurring flooding and sea level rise effects throughout the Southern Watershed. 

West Neck Creek Bridge City-Wide Sea Level Rise Strategy $69,000,000

Construction of a series of in-water miter gates spaced to line up to the bridge piers. These gates would be tied into West Neck Road with earthen levees. To ensure flood waters do not flank the gated system, the bridge and sections of West Neck Road on either side of the bridge would be raised. The gate will remain open outside of storm events and is expected to have a minimal impact to the everyday creek flow and habitat to provide.

Stormwater Green Infrastructure $40,000,000

As part of the Comprehensive Sea Level Rise and Recurrent Flooding Analysis, Green Infrastructure (aka Natural and Nature-Based Features (NNBF)) has been identified as part of the long-term stormwater resiliency solutions for the city. This program will be used for the construction of Green Infrastructure throughout the city.  A marsh restoration project is already underway in Back Bay to reduce flood impacts, improve water quality, and restore valuable habitat for Back Bay fish and wildlife species.

Pungo Ferry Road Improvements $11,500,000

Raise Pungo Ferry Road from Blackwater Road to the west side of the Pungo Ferry Bridge – approximately two miles.  The road will be raised so as to reduce recurring flooding and sea level rise effects and will include shoulder fill and slope improvements.  

Sandbridge/New Bridge Intersection Improvements $7,990,000

Road and shoulder improvements to increase safety at the New Bridge Road/Sandbridge Road intersection and to reduce the need for road closures due to flooding from the adjacent Ashville Creek.  
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