Flood Protection Program Phase 1 Projects

​Below are all of the projects included in Phase 1 of the Flood Protection Program.

Central Beach District

Projects to improve stormwater management and relieve widespread flooding in the Central Beach District which impacts the street system and public and private property. 

Central Resort District - 24th Street Culvert $5,200,000

Construction of stormwater and roadway improvements at three existing culverts located along 24th Street and the area around Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). 

Central Resort District Drainage Improvements $92,800,000

Construction of storm drain improvements to address drainage inadequacies in the area that extends from Atlantic Avenue along the east, the convention center to the west, 23rd Street to the north, and 17th Street to the south.  

Chubb Lake /Lake Bradford Area

Projects to alleviate widespread flooding due to moderate rain events and significant high tides from the Chesapeake Bay that impact the Bradford Acre neighborhood, Shore Drive, Lake Bradford, Lake Chubb, Church Point and Thoroughgood neighborhoods, portions of Pleasure House Road, and Northampton Boulevard, as well as adjacent properties and downstream properties. 

Chubb Lake / Lake Bradford Outfall $78,200,000

Storm drainpipe improvements, additional stormwater culverts under highways, tide control devices such as mechanized sluice gates, stormwater pond improvements, channel/ditch clearing, detention and retention ponds, and possible stormwater pump stations. 

Church Point/Thoroughgood BMP and Conveyance Improvements $35,900,000

Improvements to include, but are not limited to, property acquisitions, storm water pump stations, construction of detention/ retention ponds, barriers and gates, storm drainpipe and structure improvements, culvert improvements, channel improvements, channel/ditch clearing, and roadway improvements. 

Eastern Shore Drive – Phase I

Projects to improve stormwater management and relieve widespread flooding in Lynnhaven Colony, Shore Drive and Cape Story by the Sea neighborhoods

Eastern Shore Drive - Elevate Lynnhaven Drive $3,600,000

Construction of roadway and drainage improvements along West Great West Neck Road, Ebb Tide Road, and Lynnhaven Drive.

Eastern Shore Drive - Phase I, Section 1F Improvements $1,560,000

Flood control drainage improvements to include, but are not limited to, acquisition, stormwater collection systems, outfall systems, and backflow prevention device within the Eastern Shore Drive area, roughly between Starfish Road to Ebb Tide Road on the north side of Shore Drive.

Eastern Shore Drive - Phase I, Section 1G Improvements $940,000

Flood control drainage improvements to include, but are not limited to, acquisition, stormwater collection systems, roadway, curb and guttering work, outfall systems, and backflow prevention devices within the Eastern Shore Drive area, roughly just east of Jade Street to West Neck Road, along the south side of Cape Henry Drive.

Eastern Shore Drive - Poinciana Pump Station $8,200,000

Replacement of the 40+-year old Poinciana Stormwater Pump Station located on the south side of Poinciana Drive between Bayberry Street to the east and Sandalwood Road to the west. 

Linkhorn Bay Drainage Basin

Projects to improve stormwater management along Oceana Boulevard and Birdneck Roads to provide additional capacity to the stormwater conveyance system and to mitigate existing flooding conditions in the Seatack neighborhood.  

First Colonial Road and Oceana Boulevard Drainage Improvements $2,325,000

Constructing a stormwater management facility on City-owned property between New York Avenue and Southern Boulevard to divert stormwater and provide additional runoff storage. The facility will slowly release the stormwater back into the South Oceana Boulevard stormwater pipes further downstream.  

Seatack Neighborhood Drainage Improvements $2,400,000

Installing approximately 800 linear feet of 36-inch storm sewer pipe along South Birdneck Road, between Jackson Street and Sea Street, replacing the existing 24-inch and 30-inch pipes that currently collect runoff along South Birdneck Road and from the Seatack neighborhood. Approximately 665 linear feet of 48-inch storm sewer pipe is proposed to replace the existing 36-inch pipe along Jackson Street.

Southern Watershed

Projects to reduce recurring flooding and sea level rise effects throughout the Southern Watershed.

West Neck Creek Bridge City-Wide Sea Level Rise Strategy $69,000,000

Construction of a series of in-water miter gates spaced to line up to the bridge piers. These gates would be tied into West Neck Road with earthen levees. To ensure flood waters do not flank the gated system, the bridge and sections of West Neck Road on either side of the bridge would be raised. The gate will remain open outside of storm events and is expected to have a minimal impact to the everyday creek flow and habitat to provide.  

Stormwater Green Infrastructure $ 40,000,000

As part of the Comprehensive Sea Level Rise and Recurrent Flooding Analysis, Green Infrastructure (aka Natural and Nature-Based Features (NNBF)) has been identified as part of the long-term stormwater resiliency solutions for the city. This program will be used for the construction of Green Infrastructure throughout the city.  A marsh restoration project is already underway in Back Bay to reduce flood impacts, improve water quality, and restore valuable habitat for Back Bay fish and wildlife species.  

Pungo Ferry Road Improvements $11,500,000

Raise Pungo Ferry Road from Blackwater Road to the west side of the Pungo Ferry Bridge – approximately two miles.  The road will be raised so as to reduce recurring flooding and sea level rise effects and will include shoulder fill and slope improvements.  

Sandbridge/New Bridge Intersection Improvements $7,990,000

Road and shoulder improvements to increase safety at the New Bridge Road/Sandbridge Road intersection and to reduce the need for road closures due to flooding from the adjacent Ashville Creek.  

Windsor Woods / Princess Anne Plaza/The Lakes

Projects to improve stormwater management and relieve widespread flooding in the Windsor Woods, Princess Anne Plaza and The Lakes neighborhoods. 

Princess Anne Plaza Golf Course Conversion $83,600,000

Design, acquisition of property, and construction of Bow Creek Golf Course into a park with stormwater storage.           

Princess Anne Plaza North London Bridge Creek Pump Station $68,900,000

Construction of a tide gate, stormwater pump station, and tide barriers along the London Bridge Creek at the South Lynnhaven Road crossing. 

The Lakes - Flood Barriers $3,600,000

  • Put flood barriers in place to stop runoff, high tides and surge from spilling into The Lakes-Princess Anne Plaza basin.
  • Create flood barriers by raising the existing grade to the Design Flood Elevation using Lynnhaven Parkway as the alignment.
  • On the west side of London Bridge Creek: create an earthen berm (a barrier composed of the earth to divert water), remove and replace existing sidewalks.
  • On the east side of London Bridge Creek: the existing earthen berm on the north side of the road will be used to divert water.  

The Lakes – Holland Road Gate $8,507,000

  • Construction of a flood control gate on the west side of Holland Road at The Lakes canal crossing and storm drainpipe improvements in the Chimney Hill subdivision. 

Windsor Woods Flood Barriers $14,000,000

  • Create earthen berms and concrete walls with sheet pile cut-offs around the pump station and parallel to Thalia Creek to within 100 feet of the gate/pump station site.
  • The barrier along South Boulevard will ultimately tie-in to natural ground on the eastern and western ends.
  • The barriers will be built to a top elevation of 10.5 feet to provide tidal protection to FEMA's100-year flood elevation.  

Windsor Woods Pump Station $ 40,250,000

  • Construction of a stormwater pump station in the vicinity of Lake Windsor and South Boulevard.  

Windsor Woods Thalia Creek/Lake Trashmore Improvements $5,200,000

  • Property acquisition and construction of culverts between Lake Trashmore and Thalia Creek.
  • Channel improvements along Thalia Creek between Lake Trashmore and Lake Windsor. 

TOTAL: $567,492,850

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