Chubb Lake / Lake Bradford Area

Projects to alleviate widespread flooding due to moderate rain events and significant high tides from the Chesapeake Bay that impact the Bradford Acre neighborhood, Shore Drive, Lake Bradford, Lake Chubb, Church Point and Thoroughgood neighborhoods, portions of Pleasure House Road, and Northampton Boulevard, as well as adjacent properties and downstream properties.  

Chubb Lake / Lake Bradford Outfall $78,200,000

Storm drainpipe improvements, additional stormwater culverts (tunnels carrying a drain that allows water to pass under a road) under highways, tide control devices such as mechanized sluice gates, stormwater pond improvements, channel/ditch clearing, detention and retention ponds, and possible stormwater pump stations.  

Church Point/Thoroughgood BMP and Conveyance Improvements $35,900,000
Improvements to include, but are not limited to, property acquisitions, storm water pump stations, construction of detention/ retention ponds, barriers and gates, storm drainpipe and structure improvements, culvert improvements, channel improvements, channel/ditch clearing, and roadway improvements.  

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