Neighborhood Channel Dredging

​​​​​​​​​Channel DredgeIn coordination with the neighborhoods surrounding the Old Donation Creek tributary to the Western Branch of the Lynnhaven, the City is considering a new strategy to assist communities in re-establishing navigational channels.  The proposal involves the establishment of a Special Service District, where the waterfront property owners within the community would agree to a surcharge on their real estate taxes for the expressed purpose of constructing the navigation channels.

As the proposal currently stands, the City would cost-participate by dredging a ‘spur’ channel from the main City navigation channel to the neighborhood.  The Special Service District revenues would cover the cost of continuing that channel, as a ‘neighborhood channel’ into the community to serve all participating properties.  Individual channels, linking private properties to the neighborhood channel would be funded entirely by those property owners wishing to connect to the system.  The City would provide project management, including design, permitting, real estate acquisition, construction and monitoring.  The costs of these project management services for the neighborhood channel system would be paid by the SSD, and by the individual property owners who elect to participate by creating individual channels to their properties.

City Council was briefed on this concept on September 14, 2010.  With their concurrence, City staff will participate in a community workshop to share the details of the proposal and to assess the willingness of the community to accept the Special Service District taxing proposal.  City Council has agreed with staff’s recommendation for an 80% willingness threshold.  If the community indicates a willingness equal or exceeding 80%, staff will prepare an ordinance for Council’s considerati​on which would enact the SSD.  A formal City Council public hearing will occur prior to adoption of such an ordinance.

If this program is successful for Old Donation Creek, it is anticipated that the opportunity will be made available for other waterfront communities, using the adopted program for Old Donation as a template.

Posted Nov. 29, 2016​:
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