Sandbridge Beach Access Improvement

This project is to provide for the design and construction of improved beach access to Sandbridge beach, while minimizing impact to natural areas and dunes, as recommended in the Council-adopted 2002 Beach Management Plan.  This project will also be used to manage wind-blown sand in the Sandbridge right-of-ways and recycle that sand back to the beach​.

This project first appeared in the FY 2006-07 CIP.  The project has been revised to reflect the installation of 2-3 accesses per year and funding to manage windblown sand.  Engineering design work will be accomplished under the General Coastal Engineering Services Annual Services Contract.

The first phase of construction was completed in spring 2011 at Tuna Lane.  Since the first phase, seven phases have been completed that total 15 improved beach accesses.  Phase 8 and Phase 9 will be combined for construction in fall 2019 which will include improvements along the following access:

Phase 8:
        •  ​​​Access 20 – North of Chubb Lane (10’ ROW, contiguous to 2856 Sandfiddler Rd.) 
        • Access 22 – South of Tuna Lane (10’ ROW, contiguous to 2816 Sandfiddler Rd.) 
        • Access 12 - South of Pike Lane (10’ ROW, contiguous to 3240 Sandfiddler Rd.)
Phase 9: 
        • ​​​Access 27 – North of Bass Lane (10’ ROW, contiguous to 2612 Sandfiddler Rd.) 
        • Access B – Sea Scape Rd.(50’ ROW) 
Future beach access improvement locations are coordinated with the Sandbridge Civic League.

Additional project information is listed below:​ 
Tuna Lane Before:
 Tuna Lane Before

Tuna Lane After Improvements
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