Public Sand Fence Installation Guidelines

​​​​Beach Sand FenceWhen properly installed, sand fences can help build dunes by trapping wind-blown sand. But if installed improperly and not maintained they can pose a risk to public safety, impede public access and use of the recreational beach, hinder emergency vehicle and beach maintenance access at times of high tide.  Improperly installed sand fences can also trap or endanger sea turtles, their nests or hatchlings.
It is the policy of the City of Virginia Beach to allow installation of sand fencing in areas where dune formation is feasible and in areas where existing dunes have been damaged.  Sand fencing may be installed in accordance with the following guidelines without the need for a separate permit.  The City reserves the right to remove any sand fencing that is hazardous or deemed to be contrary to the public interest.
Select Brief History of Sandbridge Civic League and the City Coordination Regarding Public Beach Sand Fence Installation Guidelines to view the report.
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