​​​The Contracts Office provides contract support services for a vast variety of service and construction contracts. The Contracts Office ensures that the Department is in full compliance with all relevant federal, state, and local laws and regulations. The professional staff also reviews and processes all changes made to the Department’s contracts. They further verify and approve hundreds of contract payments yearly. Because the office records all contract transactions, they maintain the contracts data base which provides vital program and project management information.


 ​​​​Federal/VDOT Required Documents/Forms

Beginning from November, 2011, all Federal/VDOT required forms and documentations that are normally printed and att​ached with Federal/VDOT Funded roadway projects are now being uploaded online. All Prospective Contractors for Federal/VDOT Funded Projects must download all the required forms here. The City of Virginia Beach, Public Works Department will not attach these documents to the Project Manual after November 2011.  It is the responsibility of the Contractors to locate this website and print out all the Federal Aid documents as provided in Section 102.02A of the Project Manual. These documents will be updated periodically as necessary. Please check back here for every project, regardless if you have already downloaded them once before. The documents are available in the following two files to download and print:

 Front-End Specifications

The City of Virginia Beach, Department of Public Works (DPW) Standard Frontend Speci​​fications for Construction was developed for use by the DPW in designing Capital Improvement Program ​(CIP) projects.  Beginning August 2012, these Frontend Specifications can be downloaded and utilized while designing for DPW’s Horizontal or Bui​lding projects.
For the Horizontal Construction Projects City Funded under $5M, download Online: Online City, Funded Construction Contract under $5M Revised 11-01-22

For the Horizontal Construction Projects City Funded over $5M, download Online: Online City, Funded Construction Contract over $5M Revised 11-01-22
For the Building Construction Projects, download ​​Online Vertical Construction Contract 10-27-20.

For the Building Construction Bond Waiver Projects, download the Online Vertical Construction Contract for Bond Waiver Projects Only 10-27-20.
For Federal / VDOT Funded Horizontal Construction Projects, download Online Federally Funded Horizontal Construction Contract, 01-27-2023​​​.​​
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