Energy-Efficient Buildings

​​​​​​​A special tax rate program provides an opportunity for Virginia Beach property owners to reduce the tax rate on qualified residential and commercial energy-efficient buildings, not including the land on which they are located. 

A "frequently asked questions and answers" has been developed to help guide the applicants through the process. Printed applications are available at the Planning Department's Office of Permits and Inspections, 2405 Courthouse Drive, Building 2, Room 110.  Also, you can obtain an online application from here.  

Once completed, the application is to be submitted to the Office of Permits and Inspections for review, permit, and inspections.  See Frequently Asked Question for details.  If the permits and inspection are approved, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued indicating compliance.  The owner will then bring the certificate to the Real Estate Assessor's office for processing.  

The Real Estate Assessor's office is located at 2424 Courthouse Drive, Building # 18 at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center.   ​