​​​​​​​​​​Virginia Beach is uniquely situated to become a major player in alternative energy resources research and development, including solar, biofuels, biomass power, geothermal, wind, and ocean power.  More traditional energy development opportunities may also exist in offshore natural gas exploration and development.  As these resources are further evaluated, special precautions need to be taken to ensure that energy resources are developed in a manner that protects natural resources and fosters sustainable energy management.

Energy Management

Energy Star Partnership

In April 2011, the City of Virginia Beach joined the ENERGY STAR program as an ENERGY STAR partner. ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. Through the many ENERGY STAR tools and resources, this program offers extensive energy conservation information that can be used at both home and work.

In partnership with ENERGY STAR, the City of Virginia Beach will continue its energy conservation efforts to include:

      • Measuring and tracking the energy performance of our organization's facilities, where possible, by using tools such as those offered through ENERGY STAR;
      • Developing and implementing a plan consistent with the ENERGY STAR Energy Management Guidelines to achieve energy savings;
      • Spreading the word about the importance of energy efficiency to our staff and community.

Joint Energy Committee

The City of Virginia Beach’s Joint Energy Committee (JEC) was created in the spring of 2007 in response to the City’s rising ​​energy costs and still exists today.  The JEC includes representatives from various City departments, the Virginia Beach City Public schools, various vendors and our utility providers.

The JEC is the team that currently sets energy goals for municipal operations.  Focusing on energy efficiency and conservation initiatives in municipal operations saves the taxpayer money and is a positive step towards carbon neutrality. A commitment to green buildings also adds great value as these buildings provide safe, affordable and healthy environments for residents, students, and workers.

The Joint Energy Committee meets on the first Thursday of every other month and agendas include vendor presentations on cutting edge energy technology, study reports, energy goal updates and other information.

The Joint Energy Committee recognizes that energy efficiency may be the cheapest and most underutilized resource for local economic and community development. A key part of green building is energy efficiency, which lowers operating costs and reduces greenhouse gas emissions without turning off any lights.   The committee also recognizes the value of properly managing energy for municipal operations.  The City pays approximately $20 million dollars in energy costs a year while maintaining approximately three million square feet of building space.  Virginia Beach City Public Schools pays over $15 million to maintain almost 11 million square feet of building space.

City of Virginia Beach Energy Office

Based on the energy management need identified by the Joint Energy Committee, the energy office was created in July 2010 and provides a full-time Energy Management Office for the monitoring of municipal energy management. This office is staffed by the Energy Management Administrator and an Energy Specialist and is located in the Department of Public Work’s Division of Facilities Management. Using energy/utility payment software, the office processes bills and monitoring city energy usage while looking for new ways to save City funds energy costs.  ​

Energy Champion Training Program

The City recognizes that City employees are a factor in energy conservation and actively engages them in its energy reduction efforts.  Since 2013, the City has trained members on energy saving policies. Once members complete the course material and pass a test, they are certified as "Energy Champions".  They then return to the work environment and assist with making our operations more energy efficient.  Annual energy awards recognizes those who go above and beyond.

Energy Conservation - Space Heaters


Energy Conservation - Plug Load

City of Virginia Beach Energy Conservation for Employees – Driving To Meetings