​​​​Virginia Beach is uniquely situated to become a major player in alternative energy resources research and development, including solar, biofuels, biomass power, geothermal, wind, and ocean power.  More traditional energy development opportunities may also exist in offshore natural gas exploration and development.  As these resources are further evaluated, special precautions need to be taken to ensure that energy resources are developed in a manner that protects natural resources and fosters sustainable energy management.

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Virginia Beach Makes National List for Energy-Efficient Buildings

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 · 12:00 pm

The Virginia Beach metropolitan area is ranked No. 4 in the nation among mid-sized cities for ENERGY STAR certified buildings, according to a new listfrom the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.​

The region has 57 ENERGY STAR certified buildings. More than half of them – 32 of 57 – are in Virginia Beach, including 22 public schools, six private businesses and four city government buildings.

According to the EPA, the region saves $3.3 million a year and prevents emissions equal to the energy use of 2,670 homes because of our energy-efficient buildings.

“Our goal is to make it to the top of the list,” said Lori Herrick, Virginia Beach’s energy management administrator. Read the entire article​.

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The Path to Energy Efficiency