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 Facilities Management

Building 18The Facilities Management Office administers planning, management and allocation for all City owned spaces. Areas of administration include lease management, City property demolition, management of building security and employee identification systems. Facilities Management represents the City in various building projects by coordinating the Building Secto​r of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) involving new facilities and major building renovations, performs field inspections, general building inspections and project management. Serving as liaison between the Facilities Management Group and other departments, contractors, architects, and Building Maintenance trades, Facilities Management helps to coordinate project feasibility, scope of development and contract document implementation to ensure quality standards, ensure timely completion of priority projects and represent the City on warranty responsibilities of contractors. ​

Posted January16, 2019

​​​Please view the Law Enforcement Training Site - Leroy Road for information concerning this Facility

Farmland Management 

  • ​Maintains and manages leases to ensure farmland does not become fallow and is viable land for future development in the ITA area. 
  • Virginia Beach City Farm

Projects of Interest

  • ​Parking lot reparis for Central Library and Seatack Recreation Center have been completed.
Central Library Parking LotCental Library Central Library Parking LotCentral Library Seatack Rec Center Parking Lot Seatack Rec Center Parking Lot​​

 Building Maintenance


Building 9The goal of the Building Maintenance Division is to create a clean, healthy, positive environment in all City buildings by providing efficient, quality building maintenance services. These services include Management and Support, Electrical, Heating & Air Conditioning, Painting, Exterminating, Custodial, Plumbing and Carpentry. ​

 Facilities Design and Construction

HRC Construction Photo.jpgFacilities Design and Construction provides Professional Architectural and Engineering design services selections related to City owned facility projects and Design and Construction of new facilities identified within the Capital Improvement Program. These projects include buildings such as Recreation Centers, Police and Fire Stations, Libraries, Virginia Aquarium Expansions,​ Design and Construction of major renovation projects. These projects include renovations of existing City owned facilities. Design and Construction of major equipment replacements. These projects replace large chillers, boilers, generator, elevators, and escalators within existing City facilities.​

 Energy Management

Energy ManagementBased on the energy management need identified by the Joint Energy Committee, the energy office was created in July 2010 and provides a full-time Energy Management Office​ for the monitoring of municipal energy management. This office is staffed by the Energy Management Administrator and an Energy Specialist and is located in the Department of Public Work’s Division of Facilities Management. Outside of monitoring city energy usage, the Energy Office also finds new ways for the city to save money on energy bills as well as become more energy efficient. ​
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