City Hall 2020

On October 3, 2017, Virginia Beach city council unanimously approved a resolution to proceed with the design of a new city hall building. A new three-story structure adjacent to the current city hall, between Buildings 1 and 2, will be constructed. A conceptual design plan for the new City Hall building can be found on this page in the Presentations section on the right.

​​Why Do We Need a New City Hall?​​

City Hall is Full of Asbestos

The City Hall building is a near-50-year-old structure that has served the city well but, in its current state, is functionally obsolete.  Built in 1969, the current City Hall requires major renovations that are complicated by the presence of friable asbestos and the way the electrical and mechanical systems were installed. ​

The Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Systems Need Replacement

The electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems within the building are all 48 years old (typical lifespan of these systems is 20-25 years). These systems need to be replaced, but this work cannot been done without comprehensive abatement of the asbestos containing material throughout the building. The building cannot be occupied during the abatement and renovation process due to the risk of exposure to staff and visitors.

More Space Is Needed

Originally built to accommodate services for a city of about 300,000 residents, even with modern conveniences of online bill pay and employee teleworking, the City needs about 70,000 more square feet to accommodate employees and services for the public. To accommodate current space needs of today, the city needs 123,000 square feet. We currently have 80,000 square feet.

Watch the video below to learn more about the building

Videos of the presentations to City Council which outline the current conditions of the city hall building and information on the options for relocation and/or renovation can be found to the "Videos" section on this page.

​What Were the Options?

​The city engaged Moseley Architects to develop options for the new city hall. These include:
  • Constructing a new building at the municipal center 
  • Renovating and extending the current building ​
Presentations from Moseley Architects can be found in the "Videos" section on this page.​

City Hall 2020 Community Meetings

A series of community meetings were held in June, July and August 2017 at different locations around the city. At these meetings, the options for a new city hall were explored, residents had the opportunity to have their questions about the project answered and gave their input, which will be provided to the City Council. 

In October 2017, a decision to move forward with the option to construct a new building at the municipal center​ was reached. ​​​

Virginia Beach Proposed City Hall Virtual Tour

Jan. 2021 - Construction of the New City Hall