Water Quality

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Woman drinks from water fountainThe Department of Public Utilities takes great strides to ensure your water is safe every time you turn on your faucet or take a sip from a public water fountain.  In fact, our 2022 Wate​r Quality Report shows our water is of a higher quality than that required by all state and federal health and safety standards for drinking water.​ To request a paper copy of the report, please call 385-4948.

​​​It is our mission to provide a safe and sufficient water supply that will enhance and sustain our vibrant community.  The Lake Gaston Water Supply Pipeline helps fulfill that mission by pumping water to Virginia Beach citizens through a 76-mile-long pipeline leading from Lake Gaston, in Brunswick County, to Lake Prince, a reservoir located in Suffolk but owned and operated by the City of Norfolk.  The water from Lake Gaston is blended with water from Norfolk and then pumped to Norfolk's Moores Bridges Water Treatment Plant.  At the plant, the water undergoes an extensive filtering and disinfection process to remove particles, bacteria, algae, and other impurities.  The plant provides state of the art treatment technology and ensures drinking water quality through continual monitoring and testing.

Common Water Quality Questions

Why is my tap water cloudy?

Tiny air bubbles in your water can cause it to look cloudy or milky when it first comes out of the tap. These air bubbles are caused by a decrease in water temperature, so you may notice them in colder months. But don't worry—it's completely harmless! In fact, if you let the water sit for just a few moments, it should clear up completely.

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