​Information about Lead Levels and Virginia Beach's Water Distribution System

EPA's Lead and Copper Rule

The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Lead and Copper Rule is in place to protect children and communities from the risks of lead exposure. The rule underwent a major update in December 2020 after nearly 30 years. The rule was modified to target water from lead service lines and from where the highest levels of lead are identified in effort to replace more lines and to improve treatment. The rule also requires communities to test for lead in the drinking water of their local elementary schools and childcare facilities.

Virginia Beach's water has never exceeded federally mandated maximum levels since the start of its lead sampling program in 1992. The City is fully compliant with drinking water quality standards because of its high-quality water sources, excellent water treatment and distribution system management, and ongoing investment in infrastructure. Under the updated Lead and Copper Rule, we will put forth this same level of effort to provide the City with a safe and reliable public drinking water system for years to come. Our efforts include developing and publicly sharing an inventory of the public and private water pipe materials encompassing the City's water system. While there are no known lead water service lines, a plan for its removal will be made in accordance with the rule if one is uncovered in the inventory. Additionally, the City will comply with updated lead sampling requirements to include water sampling at elementary schools and childcare facilities.

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