​Water and Sewer Connection Fee Exemptions

The purpose of the Water and Sewer Line Connection Fee Exemption Program is to provide property owners who are either 65 years of age or older, disabled, or financially disadvantaged, with a reduction or complete exemption of their water and sewer line fees.
To qualify for a reduction or exemption, you must meet the following program guidelines:

(1) The property must be owner occupied.

(2) The total combined income for the previous calendar year from all sources of the owners living in the dwelling and of the owner's relatives living in the dwelling can not exceed $23,500. The first $5,000 of income of each relative other than the spouse of the owner will not be included in the total income; and the first $7,500 of income received by a permanently and totally disabled owner will not be included in the total income.

(3) The net combined financial worth of the owner can not exceed $80,000, excluding the value of the house to be connected to the water and/or sewer lines. The net combined financial worth includes the value of all assets of the owner and the owner's spouse.
To find out if you qualify for a reduction in fees, please call (757) 385-4171.