Water Awareness Calendar Contest

​​​​2020 Calendar Contest winners with Mayor Dyer and PU Director Bob Montague​Each year, Public Utilities conducts a Water Awareness Calendar Contest to help educate our customers about ways to use water wisely. The calendar's theme is "How I use water wisely in and around my home." 

The deadline for entries for the 2020​​​ Water Awareness Calendar Contest has passed. Please check back between October and November 2019 for details on the 2021 Water Awareness Calendar Contest.

Check out the winners of the 2020 Water Awareness Calendar Contest here​!

Show us what you do to conserve water, keep drainage pipes clean, or prevent backflow. Do you turn off the water when brushing your teeth? Do you wash only full loads of clothes and dishes? Do you check for leaks and repair them promptly? When you wash your car, do you use a hose nozzle that doesn't leak? Do you pour fat, oil, and grease into a can, instead of pouring it down the drain? Do you place the hose on the ground, and not in the bucket, when washing your car to prevent backflow?​

More Information:  Contes​t ​Entry Form​​​  and Contest Rules​​

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