Your Bill Up Close


Front Page

  1. Account Information - Indicates the account number, name of the account holder, service address and reflects total number of days in the billing period.​ 

  2. Account Summary - Provides an overview of account balance, current charges, date due, and amount due. 

  3. Explanation of Bill Details - Itemized summary of all charges. Includes current charges, balance forward, and total amount due.   

  4. Summary of Current Charges-  Displays service costs in an easy-to-read chart. 

  5. Messages - Check here for billing information, news, and other special notices.

  6. Payment Stub - Lists your service address, account number, due date, and total charges. Detach this portion and return with your payment.


Back Page​

  1. Ways to Pay Your Bill - Lists payment options including online, by phone, and in person.

  2. Contact Us - Provides office hours and contact numbers. 

  3. Your Water Consumption Comparison - Provides a yearly "visual" of your water consumption based on ​monthly meter readings. 

  4. Meter Information - Reflects meter read date, type, reading for current and previous bill periods, and amount of water used during current bill period. 

  5. Messages - Provides a brief description of services and related charges. ​​​​​​