​​​​Public Utilities Customer Service

(757) 385-4171​

  • To report a broken pipe in your home (only if you cannot locate the shut-off valve​)
  • ​To report missing water/sewer main lids​

Public Utilities Operations & Maintenance 

(757) 385-1400

If you are experiencing problems with the sanitary sewer system serving your home, call us first before contacting a plumber. If the blockage is in the city’s infrastructure, it will be cleared at no charge to you.

  • To report sanitary sewer stoppages
  • ​To report water main break ​​

Public Works Storm Water Maintenance

(757) 385-1470

  • To report flooding on your street

​To report an emergency after hours (nights, weekends, and holidays) call Virginia Beach Citizens Services at (757) 385-3111.    ​ ​​​​​​​​​

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