Go Paperless

Have your monthly Virginia Beach Public Utilities and Public Works City Services Bill delivered straight to your email. Simply click the 'I Choose eBill' button below to enroll.

Important Note: The @conservice.com email domain does not currently accept Public Utilities eBill emails. Please use a different email domain when enrolling in eBill. 

Are you receiving an error when trying to pay from your eBill? You might be viewing the eBill PDF in Preview Mode. Learn how to fix this here.

​​​​Benefits of eBill:

  • ​​It's safe – Statements are emailed to you as secure PDF attachments.
  • It's easy – You don't need to remember a username or password to view your bill on your PC or mobile device.
  • ​It's convenient – You can make payments directly from your eBill.
  • It's green – You'll be helping the environment by decreasing the amount of paper mail you receive.
  • It's free! – There is no cost for eBill delivery.

​When submitting a request online, be sure to include your account number, address, full name and phone number associated with the account.