Billing Information

​​​​​​​The Public Utilities and Public Works City Services Bill includes the following monthly charges: Solid Waste Collection, Storm​ Water Management, Water Supply, Service Availability, Utility Tax, and Sanitary Sewer Service. Public Utilities bills on a monthly basis, with bill cycles typically ranging from 28 to 32 days.​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​Benefits of Monthly Billing​​

​More Efficient Household Budgeting
The City Services Bill aligns with most other utility bills such as gas and electric, making your monthly budget that much simpler.

Timely Water Usage Information
Monitoring your water usage can help you control utility costs and save money, especially during summer months.

​Detect Possible Water Leaks Quickly
With more timely information, you’ll easily notice if your water usage is different from normal. This allows for the early detection and prompt repair of plumbing leaks, reducing the possibility of a high water bill.

21 Day Bill Due Date

Your City Services Bill is due 21 days after your bill date. 

​Frequently Asked Questions about the 21 Day Bill Due Date

Why is there a 21 day bill due date? With a monthly billing schedule, meter reading and billing typically occur every 28 to 32 days. A bill due date of 21 days provides the opportunity for payments to be received and posted to your account prior to your next billing. Our previous 30-day due date often resulted in a “balance forward” being reflected on the subsequent bill. “Balance forward” situations can be confusing and frustrating, particularly for customers who pay on time. The​ 21 day bill due date also aligns our bill payment schedule with other monthly bills you receive, where due dates typically range from 15-21 day after the bill is generated.​

When will I be billed a late fee? If payment is not received within 75 days past the bill date, a $1.50 late fee will be assessed.

When will my service be disconnected for non-payment? The date for which an account becomes delinquent and eligible for water service disconnection is 90 days past the bill date.

What if I need more than 21 days to pay my bill? You can take longer to pay if needed. Accounts are not considered delinquent and eligible for water service disconnection until 90 days past the bill date.​

A note to customers who use automatic recurring payments or auto draft: If you are enrolled in automatic recurring payments, or you have your payments set up to automatically draft from your bank account, please ensure that funds will be available 21 days after the bill date.  ​

​Meter Reading

Alexander Contract Service Logo.jpgContracted Meter Readers.jpgOur water meter-reading function are contracted to Alexander's Contract Services. Contracted meter readers are easily identified by their uniforms, reflective vests, and identification badges. The Alexander's logo is also prominently displayed on all company vehicles.

​When submitting a request online, be sure to include your account number, address, full name and phone number associated with the account.