Snow Snow ​

​Estimat​​​ed Bills

Heavy snowfall and prolonged freezing temperatures are two factors that can cause severe disruptions to our meter reading schedule. With snow and ice covering meters, meter readers are not able to access them to get a reading. In order to provide timely monthly billing statements, some customers are ​billed with an estimated meter reading.  

Common Questions​

How will I know if my bill has been estimated? 

Y​​​​ou can identify if your bill is estimated by the bill message located in the middle of your City Services Bill.  If you do not see this message, we were able to read your meter, and your water usage was not estimated. Here is an example of an estimated bill

What if I believe I have been overcharged or undercharged? 

If your water usage has been estimated, your actual usage may be higher or lower.

​The next time your meter is read, your usage will be adjusted accordingly. You will only pay for the water that you have used.

How is the estimate reading calculated? 

Your estimated water usage is based on the average monthly usage at your property in the last 4 months. ​

​When submitting a request online, be sure to include your account number, address, full name and phone number associated with the account.