City Services Bill Pandemic Relief Program​ - CLOSED


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The City Services Bill Pandemic Relief Program provides financial assistance to qualifying residential customers who are experiencing financial hardship due to the impacts of COVID-19. Due to program demand, application status updates are only available through the online application portal.  Customers are encouraged to create an account when submitting their application.

The Virginia Beach City Services Bill includes charges for solid waste collection, storm water, sanitary sewer, and water services. The pandemic relief program will provide financial assistance to qualifying applicants based on the services charged on their monthly bill. Relief is not guaranteed and is dependent on availability of funding.


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applicant must be a Virginia Beach resident with an active City Services account
  • Applicant must be listed as an account holder on the requested City Services account
  • Account must have been active from March 2020 or later
  • Account must have an unpaid balance due from March 2020 or later (prior balances are ineligible)
  • Applicant has been unemployed, furloughed, or laid off in March 2020 or later

Application Requirements:

  • Proof of unemployment, furlough, or lay off in March 2020 or later (one of the following)
    • Valid award letter for unemployment benefits from Virginia Employment Commission 
    • Valid award letter for self-employed individual through the CARES Act
    • Verification of job loss from employer on letterhead confirming termination, furlough, or lay-off 
  • Copy of most recent City Services Bill
  • Service address must match the address on the application and on the proof of unemployment
  • Application must be complete, and all required documents must be valid and legible
  • Applicant must confirm that information provided is true and correct

Note: Do not begin your application until you have electronic copies of the required documents. You will have to start a new application if you cannot complete it in one session. Applications will not be reviewed until all required documents are attached. To create an electronic copy of your document, we recommend scanning it or taking a clear photo of it. 

Note: If you are applying for both the City Services Bill Pandemic Relief Program AND the Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Relief Program, you may register both accounts using the same email; however, you CANNOT use the same password. These programs are administered separately and require two separate accounts.

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