About Us

​To provide public water, including water for fire protection and public sanitary sewer services, to the urban areas of Virginia Beach.
​The Department of Public Utilities provides quality water and sanitary sewer services to Virginia Beach citizens. Virginia Beach's public water supply is in full compliance with all federal and state drinking water standards. The Department of Public Utilities is committed to meeting the present and future water needs of Virginia Beach citizens, and to meeting or exceeding federal, state, and local regulatory requirements. ​


  • To operate as a revenue-supported enterprise
  • To provide quality public water and sanitary sewer​ service at reasonable costs
  • To plan, build, operate, and maintain facilities that meet community needs, environmental responsibilities, and regulatory requirements
  • To develop an environment that fosters innovation and adaptability to meeting the needs of our customers

​When submitting a request online, be sure to include your account number, address, full name and phone number associated with the account.